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The Nest

We are immensely happy to be joining the conversation with Sam Redway, and Steve Benford organised by Nesta Wednesday 16th May 2022 at 2:30 pm UK, on Twitter Space The Nest. Find out about how art and tech can co-create a sustainable future and hear about our upcoming installation #HomeZeroMixed Reality LabRoma PatelLakeside ArtsAdd to…
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Robots @Broadway Near Now

We are running a series of events at Broadway Cinema this half term, do come and join us! Design and build your own Scribble Bot, a little robot that makes colorfully chaotic drawings. Suitable for 5-10-year-olds accompanied by an adult. Tickets are £3 per child, Adults go free.…/wha…/design-build-scribble-botMany thanks to Arts Council England and The…
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Outdoor Adventures

We are pleased to announce Outdoor Adventures a new 3-year Early Years project in collaboration with Liz Clark from Turned on its Head. Supported by Small Steps Big Changes Ideas Fund. We cannot wait to start working with early years families. Congratulations to all the other Ideas Fund projects that were successful. See more here:…
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We are super excited to announce that we are one of the two winners of the National Gallery X -HOME: Zero commission. Our collaborators are Lakeside Arts and Mixed Reality Lab. We will be working with families in Nottingham to help co-design the installation in March 2022. Based on the National Gallery’s collection and stories,…
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Dancing with Robots

Artist Residency @ Trust Autonomous Systems Hub We are pleased to be part of a team of artists @ the TAS Hub. We spoke at the All Hands meeting in September 2021 and presented our proposal for the residency session was aimed at anyone with an interest in the Creative Industries, Arts, and Autonomy. The…
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Thingamabobas – online panel discussion

The University of Nottingham, Lakeside Arts has teamed with us, artists and primary schools in Hong Kong and in the UK to test proposed Education Pack content focused on Design Thinking and Tinkering. Supported by Arts Council England and British Council Spark 2021 Festival. On Wednesday 20th October 2021 we will be joining artists form…
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Grow Your Own Adventure

Making stories with children Working in collaboration with the University of Nottingham, Horizon’s Co-Production Campaign. Work will involve the co-design and building of an easily accessible Digital Storytelling Assistant which will enable both storytellers and children to ‘grow their own adventures’.  Telling stories to young children is fundamental for developing their communication, language, and literacy skills, which in turn has…
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Touchless Interactions

We open tomorrow. We are so excited after months of work we are finally here with Thingamabobas, an immersive experience of mechanical and kinetic structures. It is the first theatre event after lockdown for Lakeside Arts. Children have been reliant on screens for entertainment and storytelling for well over a year and we wanted to tap…
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Thingambobas R&D

The Thingamabobas began with two weeks of R&D took place in September 2021 and was supported by Lakeside Arts, Nottingham, UK. Rachel and I worked together to develop ideas in the first week we produce a number of sketches with conceptual ideas for the sculptures. We researched various familiar and unfamiliar technologies such as machine…
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Oxjam Beeston

The first Virtual Oxjam (VOxjam) Summer Music Festival in 2020. The Festival was streamed online and brought alive the sound of music in gardens, flats, and houses across Greater Beeston and beyond, allowing Oxjammers to come together virtually wherever they may be!