About Us

We are passionate about making quality interactive work & believe that all children have “the right to art and culture.”


HOME: Zero, commissioned by National Gallery X and Nesta 2022


In our creative studio, we aim to transport young minds to magical realms where their imagination can run wild. Through interactive exhibits, enchanting storytelling, and captivating sensory experiences, we strive to ignite a sense of wonder and curiosity in children aged 0-10. At Makers of Imaginary Worlds, we believe in the power of play and the importance of creating memorable moments that spark joy and inspire creativity. Join us on a whimsical journey where the possibilities are endless and the adventures are always waiting to unfold. Welcome to our world of imagination, where dreams come to life and the extraordinary becomes reality.

"The young child as a “Maker” of imaginary world, is a kind of poet and is in command of considerable intellectual resources, developed and exercised by such imaginative world."

Children’s Minds, Talking Rabbits and Clockwork Oranges: Essays on Education by Kieran Egan, a contemporary educational philosopher.


 MOIW Work

Between 2021-24, MOIW successfully funded and launched six new touring art installations and shows: Thingamabobas and The Undiscovered Island (2021), HOME: Zero commission by the National Gallery X and Nesta (2022), Outdoor Adventures and The Delights (2022-23), and in 2023, Spring Rising, Stories from Home, Water Myths and Marvels. These works explore the potential of sensors, robotics, and machine learning in creating intelligent, interactive art installations and have been seen by thousands of families.

MOIW's dedication to pushing the boundaries of interactive art has truly paid off, as evidenced by their fruitful partnerships and successful projects with Lakeside Arts, the Mixed Reality Lab, and Cobot Maker Space at the University of Nottingham. The Enchanted Forest and The Deep Sea Adventure stand as testament to their ability to captivate audiences and create immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact.




Dance Performance at City Arts Hoopla Festival 2023

Meet the Team

All the team is passionate about making quality work for children. With a combined background of theatre, craft, sculpture, immersive technology, and augmented reality MOIW is focused on delivering high-quality immersive experiences.


Roma Patel

Founder & Artistic Director

Roma, a scenographer and digital artist, has been creating interactive and site-specific performances, theatre productions, and digital installations in the UK and Europe since 2000. Her recent PhD research at the University of Nottingham (2020) delved into the convergence of scenography and interactive technologies in Theatre for Early Years. She explores the potential of current electronic and wearable technologies for performative installations. Roma draws inspiration from collaborating with the Irish site-specific theatre company Coracadorca, engaging in large-scale immersive performances in unique settings like old buildings, streets, and ponds, while also considering the increasing accessibility of tangible technologies. As the lead researcher and a key artist on the team, she developed Riots1831@ Nottingham Castle, an Augmented Reality (AR) experience that ran successfully for four years (Digital R&D fund for arts, 2014). This project highlighted storytelling as a crucial element for sustaining visitor engagement in museum AR experiences. Recently (2020-21), she served as the resident artist at the Nottingham Science and Curiosity Festival.




Rachel Ramchurn

Co-Founder & Co-Artistic Director

Rachel began her artistic career in 2000, involving participatory methods to inspire chainsaw sculpture. She has spent over 15 years as a freelance artist creating and exhibiting works of art in public spaces and delivering social engagement workshops to families and children in and around the North West.
Her move to the Midlands saw her interest in digital artworks develop whilst working as the producer for Brain Controlled movie 'The MOMENT' which has toured nationally and internationally including Brain Film Festival (Barcelona and Madrid) and Geneva International Film Festival.
Rachel's socially engaged practice has become more focused on utilising digital technology to tell participants stories who's voices are seldom heard, and engage audiences with dynamic storytelling.
It is very exciting for Rachel to be in a position where all her worlds come together; creating magical worlds where imagination, tactile shape and form, sound, stories interactive technologies and participant experience all come together.

Other work:


Kitty Pic

Kitty Winter


Kitty is a director, movement director and choreographer specialising in performance for young audiences and families. Kitty has created and directed a number of interactive, site-specific and promenade performances for family audiences, including work in parks and factories as well as arts venues. Alongside onstage movement, Kitty has always been excited by performance that involves the audience physically, that creates a more engaged and vivid experience and shifts the role of the audience from passive recipient to active participant.


Wayne pic

Wayne Walker-Allen

Musical Composition

Wayne has been creating music professionally for over twenty years. He has created music for and performed in many pieces of contemporary dance, mainstream theatre and theatre for young audiences. Alongside more traditional music composition, Wayne creates soundscapes that emphasise the space they occupy through multi-source playback and surround /immersive soundscapes. His compositions for theatre have been informed by the space they occupy and create a deep sense of atmosphere and location relevant to the production.



Robin Shackford

UX/UI Designer

With a background in film-making and storytelling Robin works in the space between technology and the audio & visual arts. As a member of 'Active Ingredient' he contributes as programmer, designer and artist.
His collaborative projects have toured internationally and he has released 8 mobile apps, 5 of them to the Apple and Google mobile app stores. Collaborating with the Mixed Reality Lab and/or Horizon Digital Economy Research at the University of Nottingham he has co-authored over 20 academic publications.


Collaborative Partners

MOIW collaborates with University of Nottingham Mixed Reality Lab, Lakeside Arts, Nottingham City Libraries and Theatre Hullaballoo who helps us ensure that all our installations are of the highest quality and standard.

Next Steps...

Interested in commissioning a design, hiring an installation or running workshops for an event? Contact us with any questions or queries and we will get back to you shortly.