We have searched the web high and low to put together some great online music and craft activities to help families discover the fun in making music.  It was produced for the first Virtual Oxjam (VOxjam) Summer Music Festival in 2020. The Festival was streamed online and brought alive the sound of music in gardens, flats, and houses across Greater Beeston and beyond, allowing Oxjammers to come together virtually wherever they may be! Raising dosh for a fantastic cause - Oxfam GB.

Join our Music Challenge! Create your own one minute music video and post it to our social media with the #Imaginarymakers.

Chrome Music Lab!

Chrome Music Lab is a website that can be assessed on your phone, tablet or computer. Join us to make some fun, hands-on music. 

Shared Piano

Shared Piano lets you play music together live on the web. You can play on MIDI or computer keyboards. Up to 10 people can play together at once. .

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Here are some fab ideas from The Design Museum