Making immersive & interactive experiences for young audiences

Installation art & performance design studio


Our designs are playful, sensory and interactive. We combine sensing technologies with crafts.

Our work considers the whole audience experience and how we can encourage interactivity and play, using all the senses to achieve an immersive experience. We specialise in making tangible interfaces that seamlessly combine traditional craft techniques with interactive technologies. 

30 January to 15th February 2022 

The Undiscovered Island

The next stop on The Undiscovered Island in 2022 is Attenbrough Arts Centre in Leicester.

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“The interaction with light and music. I also like how you can feel the different textures of the coral. My daughters came on Saturday with my husband and I came back today and she showed me everything and how it worked.”

Parent feedback, Coral Garden, Feb 2020

Our services

What we do

We specialise in all types of art installation from small scale design in libraries to much larger performance /gallery spaces.


Our touring installations and performances are places of wonder to explore. They are accompanied by learning resource activity packs. Using the latest technologies we also make bespoke immersive experiences for arts organisations.


Our arts & craft workshops for early years can take place virtually or in person. We do STEAM workshops  for children under 10 years old. Our Create@home series of arts and crafts actitivites connects to our installations. 

The Gift

Storytelling is one of the greatest gifts that parents can give a child. In January 2021 we launched a free storytelling resource to support anyone who tells live stories to children. It contains videos, lots of tips, printable guides and digital tools to get you started on your own storytelling adventures!

Supported by Small Steps Big Changes.


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 We have searched the web high and low to put together some great visual online music and craft activities to help families discover the fun in making music and crafting simple instruments. This was first developed for Virtual Oxjam (VOxjam) Summer Music Festival  streamed online from gardens, flats and houses.

The Undiscovered Island Mission

An imaginary underwater world with unique plants, birds, fish and giant corals that light up and sing – what’s this? An undiscovered island! Let us decipher some mysterious messages . Installation due to open in winter 2021 supported by Arts Council UK, Lakeside Arts, EPRC and Mixed Reality Lab.

Thingamabobas Learning Resource

 We are developing a learning resouce for our Thingamabobas installation. The resource draws upon design thinking and tinkering.It is targeted at children aged between 6 to11 and contain step by step instructions as well as activity sheets to help children draw and write about thier ideas and  what they have made.

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Interested in commissioning a design, hiring an installation or running workshops for an event? We can help you. Our diverse team of artists have a wealth of experience working in the arts, making site specfic work and researching the most approriate technologies and materials for the job. Contact us with any questions or queries.


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