We create spaces for families to explore imaginary worlds!

Our interactive installation spaces are designed to be multifunctional; they can be used for dance, puppetry, storytelling and performances. We take one day to set up, and recommend that the installation stays at a venue for at lease one week. The Enchanted Forest installation was our first venture, it ran at Theatre Hullabaloo, Darlington for 11 months and had over 17,000 visitors, and many were repeat visits. If you run an arts organisation, we can help you grow your early years and family audience.


Where stories and imaginary worlds come together

Our dedicated team of artists and creative technologist are committed to creating child-led engaging experiences. We use unusual interfaces, interactive sounds, soft textile sensors and voice control to actively involve the audience and work closely with researchers at the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham to harness cutting edge technologies.

We create touring installation and performances in-house as well as provide design services specially tailored to arts organisations who work with children, you can find out more below.


Touring Projects


‘Thingamabobas’ is a circus troupe of mechanical sculptures that respond to an audience presence and movements.  Opened at Lakeside Arts May 2021. The touchless installation using a novel blend of traditional crafts, sensing technologies robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Supported by Arts Council England, Lakeside Arts, Mixed Reality Lab and Nottingham Library service.


Lakeside Arts and Makers of Imaginary Worlds have joined forces in making a truly unique interactive installation: Undiscovered Island. The Coral Garden, the inner dome opened in Feb 2020 at St Anns Library for the Nottingham Science and Curiosity Festival. Supported SSBC, Arts Council England, EPRC and the Mixed Reality Lab.


A playful and fun interactive floor that appeals to children’s needs and instinctual behaviours to interact, touch and exert their agency. The interactive floor was experienced at Derby Quad 2019, Newstead Abbey 2019, Norwich Castle 2018,The Mighty Creatives, Creating the Future, Curve Theatre Foyer, Leicester  2019 and Lakeside Arts 2017.

Commissioned Projects

Want to explore new experiences using the latest technologies? We can to design and build bespoke installations to engage your audiences.

Installation / commission

Deep Sea Adventure

Theatre Hullabaloo & Becci Sharrock, in association with Makers of Imaginary Worlds. Inspired by ideas from local children, Deep Sea Adventure is an interactive voyage of discovery with coral reefs to crawl over, mysterious caves to explore and paint fish which are not quite what they seem-18th Nov 2019 - 20th Mar 2020.

Installation / commission

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is an interactive installation for children 0-8 years and their grownups.It prioritises children’s engagement by weaving together children’s ideas with fairy folktales, myths and open source interactive technologies, to create a space for playful imaginings, interactions, performance and storytelling. Opened at Theatre Hullabaloo in Nov 2017.



Summer in 2022

Archipelago is a series of structures that focus on the beauty of binaural sound through sculpture, shape, form and texture. It will be developed to adapt to a wide range of spaces, ensuring audiences get the most from each installation.

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Interested in commissioning a design, hiring an installation or running workshops for an event? Contact us with any questions or queries and we will get back to you shortly.