Undiscovered Island

An Undiscovered Island Found

An Undiscovered Island was found on Google Earth today! Scientists believe the unique island was originally a coral reef which raised above sea level around 2000 years ago. At the same time the trees nearby sunk underwater. Extraordinarily the corals did not die, but adapted to their new land environment. They have evolved into a new species with very strange characteristics and there are other strange creatures that live on the isle. It could reveal the secret of....

We hope you can join us in August 2021 when we set sail to discover the secrets of the island.


The Undiscovered island is made up of two domes a 4m domes (Coral Garden, see below) inside a 5m dome. The domes are like large brain corals that have evolved. They are surrounded by other large corals.

We strategically design our installations so they are flexible and fit into various venue sizes. The Coral Garden was made first and opened in February 2020 can be toured to smaller venues whilst the full installation the Undiscovered Island which includes the Coral Garden tours to large venues.


The educational pack accompanying the installation is focus on KS1 & 2 levels.

It covers the formation of the corals reefs, the human, environmental impact and the current solutions employed. Together with STEAM exercises using simple inexpensive electronics.

The Coral Garden Installation

St Ann's Library, Nottingham, February 2020

It's amazing. We’ve been 4/5 times! In my 3 year olds words “can it stay forever and ever please."

Parent (Coral Garden)

Coral Garden, Lakeside Arts
Coral Garden, Lakeside Arts

The Coral Garden connects children with exciting technology that responds to their touch

The traditionally crafted hyperbolic crochet corals hand made by local knit and knatter groups are interwoven with sensing technologies to create a truly engaging experience. Come and light up the Garden with you voice and see what sounds you can create tickling the urchins.

Coral Garden was installed at St Anns Library in February 2020 for 6 days and we had 5 live performances for early years audience by the performer Sophie Johnson-Hill.


Noisy Urchins - Tickle sensors

Stepping stones- Interactive sound

Visitors to Coral Garden said..

The variety of textures and sounds. My 11 month old loved it and my 2 yr old loved using her imagination making the fish swim around and 'splashing' in the water. It is amazing as it is but if it was in a darker room the lights would look even more fabulous.

The interaction of the staff and how the kids were engaged in investigating the coral reef. Would love this to be a regular activity in the library.

Installation was able to stimulate his attention and curiosity. Lights colours songs and stories. It was perfect.

Undiscovered Island Mission

Solve the Mystery

Online activity for 7-11 years

An imaginary underwater world with unique plants, birds, fish and giant corals that light up and sing – what's this? An undiscovered island! Let us decipher some mysterious messages and see what lays on this fantastic place...