Movement through Storytelling

'Everybody tells stories through their bodies' says Liz Clark. In this video she demonstrates some great ideas on how to 'move' through a story. She uses a white ostrich feather to start an invitation to a story and to help children develop their stories. She was inspired by the book 'Lali's Feather' by Farthna Zia and the hundred things you can do with a feather.

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Story Props

The wonderful white ostrich feather which Liz uses can be found in craft shops or ordered online. Feathers have magical qualities as they float, fly and flutter. Children love playing with them as seen in video above. If you don't have any feathers or would like to do an art and craft activity you can try our guide to making paper feathers. Once you have made them you can decorating and painting them. Select the image below or click on the button to view and download.


What would you do with a feather?

"Much more of the brain is devoted to movement than to language. Language is only a little thing sitting on top of this huge ocean of movement."
Neurologist and author Oliver Sacks

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A collection of links to more resources for storytelling and the importance of movement and dance in early years

Dancing Babies

Enjoyed playing with the feathers and moving. What to dance some more? You can have more fun with Liz in her films 'Dancing at home' on her Our Creative Adventure website.

Dance in the Early Years

'Young children’s experimentation with movements is linked to what we later recognise as ‘dance’, say Anne O’Connor and Anna Daly in this article from Nursery World.


Lali's Feather

Watch a reading of 'Lali's feather' by Farhana Zia, the book that Liz used to inspire her video and get children moving.

Artist Biography

Liz Clark is a dance artist who works exclusively in early years and with children with special educational needs. She has worked in nurseries, schools and children’s centres for over twenty five years. She is also Artistic Director of Turned On Its Head, a dance company that makes participatory theatre for under 4’’s & their families  & was the lead artist for a De Montfort University research project into the arts, creativity and babies

She loves stories about the many possibilities that life brings and creative adventures.