Adventures in Nature

Creative play sessions for children 0-4 years & their grown ups

Play spaces Indoor and Outdoor
Inspired by Nature 

 The project focused on creating indoor and outdoor sensory learning experiences for children. We offer creative play sessions and developmental movement play, led by two artists specialising in Early Years Arts.
Roma Patel, digital artist, theatre maker, and co-founder of Makers of Imaginary Worlds.
Liz Clark, Artistic Director of Turned On Its Head, independent dancer, choreographer, and creative practitioner.
The project, supported by Small Steps Big Changes, provides free sessions and has recently finished a summer session in St Anns Orchard. The next planned sessions are for autumn 2023, focusing on schools and nurseries. The project’s aim is to help children explore nature and incorporate it into their play, promoting physical development, curiosity, and child-led fun through movement.
Activities are held both indoors and outdoors, in parks and libraries.
The project involves parents, combines dance and visual arts, and learns from children.

Research shows that “children that engage in activities outside… are involved in more active play, have higher levels of physical activity and that this “contribute(s) significantly to children’s health”. Mackett/Paskins (2005).

These creative play sessions develop  children’s confidence , self esteem as well as their creativity and communication.

 Images from- Hoopla, City Arts Early Years festival summer 2022, photographer Lamar Francois

Parent Feedback

This is different to other playgroups… its so sensory, we played with shapes, colours, sounds. They explored with all of their bodies.”

Parent feedback at summer creative play

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