Solve the Undiscovered Island Mystery


Lakeside Arts and Makers of Imaginary Worlds are offering an exciting online four-week engagement project working with schools and children from years 3 and 5 across Nottinghamshire.  Weekly story episodes will be provided for the children to help us solve a mystery and encourage pupils to think imaginatively about how creatures from the sea may have evolved and adapted to be living on our Undiscovered Island. These will include deciphering morse code, writing descriptions and short stories, and drawing. Themes of evolution, environment, geography, travel and creativity will be explored.

Let us decipher some mysterious messages and see what lays in this fantastic place… Join Lakeside Arts weekly to see the story unravel. Begins June 4th, 2020.

Sketch of Undiscovered Island concept

The Undiscovered Island is an interactive mixed reality installation for children and families. Taking you on an adventure like no other, feel the corals and listen to them speak, watch the island light up just by talking to it!

Blending traditional crafts and tactile elements, themes of friendship, evolution, and ecology of coral reefs are all brought together in this inspiring landscape.

We look forward to seeing you when we open in 2021! Watch this space for touring dates.