Sensory Installation

Interactive Installations and performances for children

Our dedicated team are committed to creating truly engaging experiences. Where stories and fantasy lands come together. We use unusual interfaces, interactive sounds, soft textile sensors and voice control to actively involve the audience.
Creative inter-play where families can explore these imaginary worlds!

'The Coral Garden'

Set in a 4 meter interactive dome The Coral Garden connects children with exciting technology and responds to their touch. Traditionally crafted hyperbolic crochet corals hand made by local knit and knatter groups are interwoven with modern technology to create a truly engaging experience. Come and light up the Garden with you voice and see what sounds you can create tickling the urchins.

Dates and Times:

12-14 February  12.30-6:30pm
15th February - 9-1pm  Special Day for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
17-19 February- 9-6:30pm
Storytelling inside The Coral Garden:
12 - 14th February 10am and 12 noon. Please book your place for the performance at St Anns Library, details below.

Venue:  St Anns Library, St Anns Valley Centre, 2 Livingstone Road, Nottingham, NG3 3GG. Tel 0115 883 9700.

The Coral Garden, working in partnership with SSBC (Small Steps Big Changes) with funding from Arts Council England.


'The Musical Meadow' Tour

MOIW have developed 'The Musical Meadow' a playful and fun interactive interface that appeals to children’s needs and instinctual behaviours to interact, touch and exert their agency. The meadow can be experienced at events in the UK.

Derby Quad 2019
Newstead Abbey 2019
The Mighty Creatives, Creating the Future, Curve Theatre Foyer, Leicester  2019

More dates coming soon...See you there!



The Undiscovered Island

The Undiscovered Island is a space designed for interactive installation, dance performances and storytelling. Currently under construction, The Undiscovered Island was due to premier at Lakeside Arts Wheee! Festival in Nottingham from 26th - 29th May 2020. Due to Covid-19 we are currently postponing all work on this project.

Funded by Arts Council England.

A photo by Anton Repponen.

Archipelagoes - Sculptural playgrounds

[work in progress]

Archipeligoes is a series of structural bi-nural installations that focus on the beauty of sound through sculpture, shape, form and texture. This series of works has been specially developed to adapt to a wide range of spaces, ensuring audiences get the most from each installation.



[work in progress]

Inspired by Heath Robinson, 1960's cyber robotics, wind powered kinetic sculptures by the Dutch sculptor Theo Jansen, and AI machine learning, Thingamabobba's bring an exciting new way of storytelling to children. We ask the question what happens if an object is made intelligent? How will young audiences communicate and interact with it?

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